Authentic modern accessories and finishing touches make all the difference in modelling.
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L109 GATSO SPEED CAMERA. Authentic model of the ever popular Flash Gordon’s gotcha camera. This is a 3-piece kit designed so that the head may be set in any direction, as per prototype. Kit now includes yellow front and rear visibility panel, plus ‘Speed Camera’ signage for the roadside.

What a load of rubbish! Introduce fortnightly collections onto your layout with L110 Wheelie Bins (3 pack). For the High Street shopping area, try L112 Modern Litter Bins (3 pack).

L115 MANHOLE COVERS. A walk along any urban street will reveal an amazing array of manhole covers in different styles. This etched brass pack contains rectangular, triangular and round covers as shown, plus 10 small roadside drain covers. These are an often overlooked but important scenic item that will set your layout apart.

L99 HGV & VAN DETAILING KIT. Locomotive detailing is well catered for in the hobby, so why not pay the same attention to road vehicles? This superb kit will transform any lorry, bus or van in around half an hour. For vehicle exteriors there are HGV warning signs, mud flaps, authentic UK numberplates and ‘How’s My Driving’ stickers; whilst for the interior you can really go town with the choice of bulkhead flags and posters, hi viz jackets, maps, newspapers, magazines, clipboards, delivery notes and even personalised driver nameboards that can often be seen in the cabs of lorries. Simply add a driver (L111) and you’re away! This product is due to feature in a forthcoming ‘Eleventh Commandment’ modelling project.

L111 SEATED DRIVERS. Pack of 3 whitemetal seated drivers, suitable for diesel and electric locos and units as well as road vehicles and fork lift trucks etc.

L108 FLY TIPPED JUNK. A variety of household items often seen in Council tips, or more frequently these days, fly tipped around roadsides and railway cuttings as Councils refuse to accept them in order meet ‘targets.’ At least this lot has been tidied up in a skip, which makes another effective scenic cameo (skip not included).

ROADWORKS – Now this is an excellent way to justify all the traffic on a layout being at a standstill whilst the trains are moving. With these items you can create anything from a small hole in the road up to any given day in Grantham, where it is customary to dig up all the through routes at the same time.

Starting with the signage, Pack L118 conists of etched brass signs in various shapes and sizes as per the prototype. There are over 60 printed signs included with the pack, so any given scene can easily be recreated. A new add-on pack also includes a set of hand held tools such as tarmac rake, shovels, fork etc – not that they remain ‘hand held’ for long!

The Vibrating Roller, Pneumatic Drill & Compressor set (L102) will fit into most scenes, along with the ride-on dump truck (L100).

For building site scenes add in a portable Cement Mixer (L103). These photos show some suggested examples of a road works scene, and just how effective it can look on a layout.

"Phwoar...! I'd give it another five minutes before going in there, mate." Yes, the ubiquitous portaloo is now available in this highly detailed etched brass kit. Can be modelled with the door open or closed (please). Fully detailed interior includes - well, all that you'd expect really, including a lifting seat! Toilet Roll not included (as per prototype) but you could always use pages from certain model railway magazines - those that aren't already full of ....

L106 GAS BOTTLES: A selection of six finely cast whitemetal gas bottles make the perfect accessory to be found outside an industrial facility, or perhaps being transported by flatbed van.